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If you suspect a breach—or if a breach has actually occurred—you need to act immediately. When you contact us with respect to a breach event covered under your insurance policy, we will work with you to respond to the breach event, retain service providers and implement the breach event services covered under your policy.

IIFS.005 (03/2020)

At Intact Financial Services, we’re experts who understand the unique insurance needs of financial services companies and community banks and can offer creative solutions to minimize risk. Our dedicated team of underwriting, claims and risk management professionals has the experience and capability to address the complexities faced by the industry.

IIFS.007 (03/2020)

At Intact Financial Services, our risk management practice is built to deliver high quality yet practical solutions to safeguard against risks that threaten your business success. Our flexible and innovative risk control services help you implement loss mitigation practices for both existing and emerging issues

IIFS.001 (03/2020)

At Intact Financial Services, we specialize in management and professional liability for your directors, officers, employees and your bank. We understand the wide range of risks banks are exposed to, and will help minimize these risks with our industry knowledge and expertise.

IIFS.006 (03/2020)

Today’s economic risks and exposures have become more and more complicated—so has protecting your financial institution from losses associated with your mortgage portfolio. Our new Mortgageholders Coverage Program (MCP) lets you design your coverage to meet your individual needs and risk appetite.

IIFS.004 (03/2020)