Identity Management Services

Protect yourself against one of the fastest growing crimes in America

Did you know that an identity is stolen every 79 seconds? Now you can protect yourself and your family against the unforeseen consequences of identity theft. Identity Management Services include access to Identity Theft and Resolutions Services as well as Single Bureau Credit Monitoring.

Commonly offered as an employee benefit or through a member organization, this option will entitle you to access nine programs to better manage exposure to identity theft. From aiding in the resolution of an identity theft to safeguarding the records of a deceased spouse, you are granted access to a dedicated fraud specialist that can help remove the guess work-and the leg work-out of the actions needed.

The following can be included in the package:

Identity Theft Resolution Services

Assigns a personal advocate to victims, guiding them through the entire process of restoring their identity.

Services include:

  • Dedicated Fraud SpecialistsAdvocate works with all relevant parties, from credit bureaus and collection agencies to law enforcement and government. Full year of active follow-up is included
  • Notification of Businesses, Agencies and InstitutionsSpecialists will prepare all correspondence necessary to notify all relevant parties of the fraud. They will create and maintain a comprehensive case file for each victim. Also includes assistance with placing fraud alerts and freezes on their credit reports, as well as enrolling in state identity theft passport programs.
  • Proactive Tools and Monitoring ServicesVictim will receive a full year of credit monitoring, including a 3 in 1 credit report and an additional year of active follow-up, as well as fraud monitoring of over 1,000 public record databases at no cost.

Proactive Identity Services

Pairs state-of-the-art monitoring that detects early signs of theft with on-demand access to a fraud specialist.

Services include:

  • Proactive Fraud Alerts and Credit File Freezes - Notifying potential credit grantors to check with the customer before extending new credit. Alerts will opt the customer out of most marketing lists.

Medical Identity Services

Designed to assist victims of a unique type of identity fraud. Working within the limits of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), service deals with:

  • Collection agencies
  • Insurance companies
  • Government agencies
  • Law enforcement
  • Health care providers

Identity Travel Services

Helping to recover lost or stolen documentation, while avoiding potential fraud.

  • Document Replacement and TravelAdvocates are on call 24/7 to facilitate the replacement of passports, visas, driver's licenses and state identification, immigration and other identity documents. The personal advocate works to get the traveler back on track with minimal delay. Even after the traveler is safely home, the advocate stays on the case until all issues are resolved and all documents restored.
  • Access to Financial Institutions and RecordsThe traveler's personal advocate works with family and friends to send emergency funds through secure channels, while working with the victim to protect financial, credit and identity data. The specialist also helps ensure uninterrupted access to bank, credit union, brokerage and credit card accounts, as well as credit files and any needed documentation.
  • Central Communications HubThe travelers personal advocate acts as a relay point for messages to relatives, friends and neighbors, and an efficient single point of contact for communicating with government agencies, financial institutions, employers and other key figures in the recovery process. Travelers can call toll-free from over 35 countries worldwide.

Disaster Recovery Services

Disaster Recovery Services: Designed to help disaster victims in recapturing the critical documents needed to rebuild their lives.

Services include:

  • Document Replacement and AuthenticationFacilitates replacement of driver's license, state ID cards, Social Security cards, birth certificates, marriage licenses, divorce decrees, passports, visas, property deeds, etc.
  • Central Communications HubAdvocate acts as a relay point for relatives, and a single point of contact for government agencies, employers and financial institutions.
  • Access to Financial Institutions and RecordsWorks with family and friends to send emergency funds through secure channels, and ensures uninterrupted access to financial institutions.

Estate Identity Services

Focuses on reducing the potential for fraud perpetrated through the misuse of deceased's personal information. Guides surviving spouse in safeguarding own identity as well as loved ones.

Services include:

  • Copy of Loved One's Credit Report
  • Clarification of Existing Credit Accounts - will also be checked for embedded life insurance benefits
  • Systematic Notification of Credit Bureaus - locking down identity of deceased
  • Notification to All Credit Issuers
  • Account Assistance - obtaining marriage certificates, birth certificates, death certificates and certificates of discharge from the military

Identity Relocation Services

Designed to help keep a move worry-free, whether an employee loses sensitive data or documents, suffers a stolen identity, or wants to keep identity safe during the move.

Services include:

  • Access to Financial Institutions and RecordsProtect data during move
  • Replacement of Missing Documents
  • Central Communications Hub
  • Proactive Tools and Monitoring Services

Child Risk Identity Services

Designed to assist parents whose children under the age of 18 are at risk of identity theft, as it can take years before the theft of a child's identity is detected.

Services include:

  • Credit File ProtectionUntil the child reaches the age of 18
  • Removal of Fraudulent Information

Military Identity Services

Reduces the likelihood of identity fraud for active duty military personnel. Military personnel are at a heightened risk of identity fraud, especially when stationed abroad. They are targeted because the crime is likely to go undiscovered longer.

Services include:

  • Proactive Steps to Reduce Identity Fraud
  • Active Duty Fraud Alert12 month period
  • Marketing List Opt-OutRemoved for two year period

Single Bureau Credit Monitoring

Provides a sophisticated, comprehensive monitoring system to alert the customer to credit score inquiries, new credit requests and other activity affecting their credit file. The service will provide immediate email notification of any changes to your credit records. In the event of suspicious activity, you can take immediate action with the Identity Theft Resolution Services.

Services are provided by third-party vendors through Intact Insurance Group USA LLC, whose principal offices are located at 605 Highway 169 N, Plymouth, MN 55441. Intact Insurance reserves the right to change vendors at any time without prior written notice. Travel Assistance services must be pre-authorized.