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Our dedicated team specializes in environmental risk solutions designed to address a variety of exposures for a broad range of businesses, including multiline casualty placements for the environmental industry.

Environmental Contractors and Consultants

From asbestos abatement to soil remediation to emergency response activities, environmental contractors have to be ready to respond to a variety of environmental hazards at a moment’s notice. The exposures contractors face every day are as varied as their operations, so they have to be technically proficient with assessment and remediation methods and technologies as well as up-to-date with the latest federal, state and local environmental, health and safety regulations.

Our Coverages Include
  • Commercial, General Liability
  • Contractors Pollution Liability
  • Transportation Pollution Liability
  • Non-Owned Disposal Site Liability
  • Short-Term Premises Pollution Liability
  • Professional Services Liability
  • Additional coverage options include
    • Follow-Form Excess
    • Business Auto
Target Classes
  • Asbestos, lead paint and mold remediation, consulting and oversight
  • Environmental Consultants including Phase I, II and III Environmental Site Assessments; Environmental Impact Studies; Biological, wildlife and wetland studies; Remedial Design and Project Supervision; Groundwater and Hydrogeology Consulting; Air Quality Testing
  • Soil and groundwater remediation, including Remedial Design and Project Supervision
  • Storage Tank Installation, Cleaning and Removal
  • Crime Scene and Meth Lab Cleanup
  • Drilling and Geoprobe (environmental focus)
  • Medical and Biohazard Waste Collection and Disposal
  • Solar and Geothermal Installation
  • Health and Safety Services and Training Providers
  • Industrial Hygiene Services
  • Laboratory Analytical Services for Environmental Consulting
  • Regulatory Consulting, Permitting and Compliance Audits
  • Water and Wastewater Treatment System Design and Testing
  • Hazardous Waste Brokers
  • Environmental-related facilities including landfills, transfer stations, recycling facilities, hazardous materials treatment facilities and wastewater treatment facilities
Artisan, Trade and General Contractors

Pollution exposures create unique challenges for businesses. But often, it's not until a pollution incident occurs that a company realizes the risks, or how important the right environmental and pollution insurance coverage can be. Our policy is specifically tailored to help artisan, trade and general contractors with their pollution exposure by integrating multiple liability coverage on one policy.

Our Coverages Include
  • Contractors Pollution Liability
  • Transportation Pollution Liability
  • Non-Owned Disposal Site Liability
  • Short-Term Premises Pollution Liability
Target Classes
  • Artisan and Trade Contractors, including Electrical, Plumbing, HVAC, Masonry and Concrete, Mechanical Engineers, Janitorial, Painting, Landscaping, Demolition, Excavation and Grading, and Winterization and Energy Efficiency Contractors
  • General Contractors and Construction Managers
  • Carpet Cleaning
  • Street and Road Construction/Maintenance
  • Contractors requiring certification under EPA's Renovation, Repair and Painting Rule
  • Utility Installation
  • Industrial Cleaners
  • Solar Installation
  • Crime Scene and Meth Lab Cleanup
Environmental Premises

Pollution events, while often excluded from general liability insurance policies, can cause serious harm to a property owner’s finances, reputation and community. Our underwriters have the experience and knowledge to create insurance solutions to protect your business so that you’ll never be caught off guard should a pollution incident occur.

Our Coverages Include
  • On-site cleanup costs
  • Off-site cleanup costs
  • Third-party liability for bodily injury and property damage
  • Transportation pollution liability
  • Non-owned disposal site liability
  • Contractors pollution liability
Target Classes
  • Airport hangers
  • Automotive sales and service facilities

  • Commercial and retail properties

  • Commodity recycling facilities

  • Contractors equipment yards

  • Educational facilities

  • Electronic recycling and refurbishing facilities

  • Landfills and transfer stations

  • Light industrial and manufacturing locations

  • Medical offices

  • Recreation locations including golf courses and marinas

  • Research and development facilities

  • Residential properties

  • Self-storage facilities

  • Warehouse and distribution facilities

  • Wastewater treatment facilities

  • Waste treatment facilities

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