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Accident & Health's transportation insurance program can offer insurance protection for owner operators, independent contractor drivers, motor carriers and courier companies. Our tailored products and exceptional services can make for a smoother ride.

Occupational Accident

Accident & Health's occupational accident insurance provides comprehensive coverage for on-the-job accidents affecting professional drivers.

Highlights Include
  • Coverage for both owner operators and independent contractor drivers
  • High medical limits
  • Comprehensive definition of "dispatch"
  • Non-occupational benefits available
  • Accidental death & dismemberment benefits
  • Accident disability income coverage
    • Temporary total disability
      • Comparable to a short term disability plan
      • Weekly disability payments made for limited duration
      • Based on percentage of earnings
    • Continuous total disability
      • Comparable to a long term disability plan
      • Covers professional truck drivers who have been hurt for an extended period of time
      • Coincides with driver's working lifetime
      • Based on percentage of earnings
      • Professional truck driver must qualify for disability benefits under Social Security
Contingent Liability

Accident & Health's contingent liability insurance provides protection for the motor carrier or courier company against workers compensation suits brought by drivers that are covered under the occupational accident program.

Highlights Include
  • High limits from $1M up to statutory limits
  • Duty to defend
  • Payment on behalf of the motor carrier or courier company
Vehicle Physical Damage

Accident & Health's vehicle physical damage policy provides certain coverages for independent contractor drivers not covered under the motor carriers' primary liability policy. The policy fully protects the driver, whether or not they are under dispatch, from a total loss if the rig is damaged by a collision, theft or natural disaster.

Highlights include

“Add on” coverages available, including but not limited to:

  • Broken windshield
  • Personal contents
  • Towing
  • Rental
  • Loan/lease gap
  • Special equipment
Workers Compensation Options

Accident & Health's tranportation program can offer a facilitative workers compensation program to help protect the bottom line.

Fleet Wokers Compensation

Our program provides protection for on-the-job accidents and more:

  • Coverage for fleet owners' statutory (w-2) employees
  • Extends to occupational injury and illness coverage
  • Workers must meet minimum requirements for coverage eligibility
Motor Carrier Workers Compensation

Our Motor Carriers Workers Compensation program provides:

  • Coverage for the motor carrier's administrative, clerical and dispatch employees
  • Occupational injury and illness coverage addressing on-the-job accidents and more

An occupational accident policy must be written with Intact Accident & Health in order to gain access to workers compensation coverage.

Passenger Accident Liability

Accident & Health's passenger accident liability provides benefits for the authorized passengers.

Our passenger accident coverage provides accident medical expense coverage and accidental death and dismemberment coverage for authorized passengers who may be traveling with a covered driver.

Non-trucking Liability

Accident & Health's non-trucking liability provides insurance protection while using vehicle for non-buiness or personal use.

The independent contractor/1099 driver/owner-operator can benefit from our non-trucking liability coverage while using their vehicle for non-business or personal use throughout the United States.

Venue Contingent Liability

Accident & Health's venue contingent liability policy is specifically designed for Texas-based trucking companies that opted out of workers compensation yet engage in interstate commerce.

Texas-based trucking companies that opted out of the traditional workers compensation program, yet engage in interstate commerce, may be faced with a unique problem.

It's no surprise that through expertise and understanding of the transportation industry, we developed a unique offering for Texas-based motor carriers that have opted out of their domiciled state's workers compensation program. A venue contingent liability policy responds when an employee driver who is covered under the motor carrier's "opt out" policy, perfects a workers compensation claim outside of the domiciled state. For example, a Texas-based motor carrier opts out of the state workers compensation program and chooses a "non-subscriber" policy. This Texas-based motor carrier has employee drivers that travel interstate. The venue contingent liability policy would protect the motor carrier from the employee driver trying to perfect a workers compensation claim outside of the domiciled state.

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