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Customized Medical Stop Loss Solutions Specifically Designed for Employer's Self-Funded Program
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With today’s evolving healthcare market place, employers are continuously looking for ways to help manage the escalating costs of healthcare. Many employers have looked to self-funding their medical plans as a means to manage their benefit spend. Better plan management, potential cash flow improvements and more cost-effective claims management are all important components of self-funding. However, this may not be enough when faced with catastrophic medical claims. Intact Accident & Health is here to help.

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Medical Stop Loss

Customized Medical Stop Loss solutions specifically designed for employer’s self-funded programs.

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Identity Management Services

Accident & Health's Medical Stop Loss customers have access to Identity Management Services to assist plan participants who suspect that they are a victim of identity theft. Through a phone call to the designated number, every plan participant who is a victim or suspected victim of identity theft is provided with unlimited access to an assigned fraud specialist who will facilitate the resolution of virtually any identity-related problem, including medical identity theft.

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The self-funded employer that selects an administrator based upon its claims management reputation and utilizes the services of a vendor that can offer unsurpassed cost containment, wellness and disease management programs has an expectation of having a return on these investments. These proactive employers who adopt strong incentives to engage their employees expect to bend the trend curve on their claim costs in a favorable direction.

However when it comes to stop loss options, most carriers are pooling the highly engaged employer with a large block of business made up of groups who have not adopted the best programs to contain costs and improve the lives of their members. Proactive employers want to partner with a stop loss insurance provider that understands that “one size doesn’t fit all” and has the expertise to provide the customized support for their self-funded program. Intact Insurance is completely committed to these highly engaged employers.