Industries We Serve

Through our dedicated team of inland marine experts, we provide tailored insurance solutions for construction, fine arts, transportation and a wide variety of inland marine floater business.


Eligible customers include general contractors; sub-contractors; special tradecontractors; artisan contractors; homebuilders; developers and property owners. Potential insureds include building owners, developers, project managers, general contractors and sub-contractors.

Coverages Available For
  • Contractors equipment
  • Builder’s risk (single shot and reporters)
  • Equipment dealers and equipment rental operations
  • Installation floaters and riggers liability
  • Related property exposures for your contractors

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Fine Arts

Eligible customers include art galleries, art dealers, museums and corporate, personal and institutional art collections.

Coverages Available For
  • Fine arts for museums
  • Art galleries
  • Art dealers
  • Artists (private or corporate fine art collections)
  • Institutional art collections including universities, government agencies, municipalities and historical leagues
  • Related property exposures for cultural institutions

Eligible customers include warehousemen, truckers, or business that needs coverage while products are being shipped domestically via motor truck, air, or rail.

Coverages Available For
  • Motor truck cargo for truckers
  • Transportation floaters for owned goods (being shipped by air, rail or truck)
  • Warehouse legal liability for goods of others stored by a warehouse operator
  • Related property exposures for transportation or trucking accounts
Inland Marine Floater

We are a market for a wide variety of inland marine floater business. Coverage can be designed to cover specialized equipment that is on-premises, off-premises, in transit, or any combination thereof.

Coverages Available For
  • Bailee’s customers: property of others in the insured’s custody for cleaning, servicing or repair
  • Camera equipment: cameras and video production equipment (worldwide coverage available)
  • Communication equipment: radio, television, and cell phone networks including towers, off-site switching equipment, mobile equipment and studio equipment
  • Electronic data processing equipment (EDP): hardware, software, laptops and related time element exposures (breakdown included and options for transit and off-premises)
  • Exhibition floaters: property while in transit to/from, and while at, trade shows
  • Miscellaneous articles floaters: flexible coverage that can be adapted to many different types of mobile property
  • Musical instruments: for schools, private organizations or professional musicians; worldwide coverage available
  • Railroad rolling stock: covering cars on the railroad; coverage for rail cars
  • Scientific or medical equipment: mobile or fixed MRIs, CT scanners, PET scanners and many other types of equipment
  • Theatrical property: costumes, props, lighting, sound equipment and other types of property
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